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Car batteries are available in a variety of different types and models, and it’s important that you choose the right battery for your car. Our car battery range covers most popular car models, so we can provide you with the battery best suited for your vehicle.

Most units are sealed batteries designed for a 12 volt system these days. This means they are maintenance free, and once fitted, they will require no further attention from you. It used to be necessary to top up the electrolyte solution with distilled water regularly to keep the level covering the plates, but modern batteries no longer require you to do this.

Car battery brands are generally all lead acid batteries. They are rechargeable units that provide electricity to the car to power lights, spark plugs and even the car radio or music player. There is a difference between units in the car battery range. Some are quite inexpensive, while others can cost quite a lot.

The main difference is in battery power. A quality car battery may cost more, but it will offer a lot more cold cranking, essential for cold weather when cars can be difficult to start, especially in the mornings. Cheaper units may lack the necessary reserve capacity for the starting power needed on a cold winter’s morning, and can run down quickly to become a useless flat battery that holds no charge.

We can check if your current battery is in good condition, and advise you on the car battery best suited for your car if it should be replaced. We can also fit your new battery and take your old one so you don’t have to worry about disposal. We can be found in Ossett, two minutes from Junction 40 of the M1.

For the best price on Car Batteries in Wakefield give us a call on 01924 582 476.

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