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Your car’s braking system is what slows you down and lets you stop. If it cannot do that efficiently and safely, you will need brake repair specialists. Our car repair services in Ossett, right next to Wakefield in West Yorkshire, will give you a free brake safety check. Just call for a free brake check appointment and we’ll do a full brake inspection on your car while you wait.

You should never wait until your MOT is due before getting brake checks done on your car. If the brake pads or shoes are worn, they could let you down when you need them most, but by then it’s too late.

There are two main symptoms that indicate brake wear. The most common one is a grinding noise heard when you depress the pedal. This happens because the pads, usually made from an asbestos material, have worn down and the brake disc is coming into contact with the metal backing plate of the pads.

The other common problem you may experience is when the vehicle can be felt to pull to either the left or right when the car brakes are applied. This indicates that something is not functioning properly and a repair or replacement of some part is required. Either symptom means that your car has become dangerous to drive and you should seek car repair services as soon as possible.

Don’t wait for your scheduled car servicing or annual MOT to discover that brake replacement or repair is urgently needed. Your car’s ability to stop or slow down in an emergency depends on it. We offer a free safety inspection on your car’s braking system. We’re located in Ossett, just outside Wakefield, a mere two minutes from Junction 40 of the M1. Call us now.

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