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There could be any number of reasons why you might need clutch repairs on your car. If you have doubts about your clutch system, or if you just want to make sure there are no problems to worry about, make an appointment with and we’ll give you a free check while you wait.

We are situated in Ossett, right next to Wakefield, and we provide a comprehensive service to motorists throughout the Wakefield and West Yorkshire area. Drive off the M1 at Junction 40 and you’ll be less than two minutes from our modern, purpose-built, state-of-the-art garage services.
There are four main symptoms of common clutch problems experienced by motorists.

A slipping clutch is usually most obvious on steep hills where the engine revolutions increase, but the car speed does not. There might also be a burning smell. If this happens, you need a repair.

Clutch fierceness is when the plate grips the flywheel suddenly, jerking the vehicle forward, even though you might be releasing the pedal smoothly. If you find it difficult to engage first gear without a grinding noise from the gears, you are probably experiencing drag. Clutch judder is a kind of low frequency vibration felt in the car and associated with the system. If you experience any of these problems, call us to make an appointment for a free check.

Your clutch is what allows you to change gear. When you disengage this, you interrupt the drive process, allowing the gears to be changed up or down without damage. The clutch assembly is in constant use while you are driving, and repairs or even replacement becomes necessary occasionally. Call now for a free check while you wait.

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