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We stock 4×4 Tyres for your vehicle. We have a large tyre selection with top of the range tyre options to fit most off road vehicles. You will find us in Ossett, right next to Wakefield, a mere two minutes from Junction 40, off the M1. We are delighted to offer a superlative service all motorists in the Wakefield and surrounding areas.

A 4×4 vehicle is one that has all four wheels driving. Most cars only have two of its wheels driving, usually the front wheels, though rear wheel drive is quite common too. When all a vehicle’s wheels are powered, it puts an extra strain on its tyres, which means that 4×4 tyres need to be that extra bit stronger and more robust.

The 4×4 vehicle generally puts heavier demands on a tyre. For this reason, they have stronger sidewalls than the average car tyres do. This reflects their off road capabilities, where rough terrain handling is essential. Driving off the comfort of a smoothly paved road needs stronger tyres, and that’s what 4×4 tyres offer.

However, on-road 4×4 tyres are also in high demand. These come into the luxury 4×4 tyres range. These need to be quieter and they need to offer a greater degree of comfort than their off-road cousins. On-road tyres for a 4×4 are generally of a high performance design, ideal for motorway use.

It’s also true that 4×4 tyres are usually bigger than normal car tyres. They are often 15″ or 16″ in size, against 13″ or 14″ for an average car. Off-road driving is usually more successful when wheels are larger, and where road performance is less of a concern.

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