Winter Tyres Wakefield

If you plan to do a lot of driving in cold weather conditions, you will need a set of winter tyres. We stock a wide range of tyres designed for wet and cold conditions, ideal for winter and cold weather.

You can find us in Ossett, next to Wakefield in West Yorkshire. We offer a premium winter tyre fitting service to all motorists in Wakefield and the surrounding areas. call us, or drop along and have your tyres fitted while you wait.
Winter conditions require more consideration when driving. Even with a good set of winter tyres fitted, it’s always advisable to drive more slowly when winter snow and ice might be on the roads.

These type of high performance tyre are designed to have aquaplaning resistance, meaning that your braking distance improves in wet and cold conditions. On snowy roads these tyres offer much greater traction control, which is exactly what you need.

It’s the lack of suitable traction on snow, because they do not use winter tyres, that gets most motorists stuck. In fact, winter handling on snow and ice becomes so much easier when tyres properly designed for those extreme conditions are used.

Winter Tyres Wakefield

Winter tyres differ from summer tyres by being softer with wider and deeper tread grooves. They are designed to perform best in cold icy conditions, or at least in cold weather conditions. The tyres can be used in summer, but in hotter conditions they will wear out faster, and won’t be as safe as those designed for summer.

We can equip you with a set of winter tyres for your car. Isn’t it better to have peace of mind when the nights turn cold, rather than constantly worrying if your tyres are up to the job? Call us, or drop along today.

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