Wheel Alignment Dewsbury

Is your vehicle pulling to one side while you are driving?
Is your steering wheel not straight?
Are your tyres wearing quickly and unevenly?
Does your vehicle ‘wander’ off the road?

If you can answer any of these questions with a ‘Yes’, it is highly likely that your wheels are aligned incorrectly.
Express Auto Centre Wheel Alignment Dewsbury can Help!

What is Wheel Alignment?

In essence, wheel alignment is the checking and adjustment of your wheels’ angles and direction against your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications to ensure:

  • The wheels are parallel to one another
  • The wheels are perpendicular (at a right angle) to the ground
  • Your vehicle runs true and straight while driving along a level, straight road
  • You get maximum life out of your tyres

Misalignment of the wheel angle and direction are frequently described as positive or negative camber and toe in or out respectively.

Camber and Toe

Set by vehicle manufacturers, the camber is the angle of the wheel to the ground. Misalignment would be indicated by an excessive outward or inward tilt of the wheel. The camber of your wheels may require adjustment periodically. The term ‘toe’ refers to the direction of the wheel and indicates whether the front of the wheels is closer together or further apart than the rear of the wheels. Wheel alignment can be affected by driving through a pothole or hitting a kerb, for instance. Excessive wear to suspension or steering components may also cause misalignment.

Why Express Auto Centre?

Incorrect alignment not only causes rapid and irregular wear on your tyres, it can also affect your vehicle’s handling and safety. Here at Express Auto Centre Wheel Alignment Dewsbury, we can ensure you get both a safe, smooth ride and the maximum life out of your tyres by checking and aligning your wheels to the specifications as required by your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Free Wheel Alignment Dewsbury Check

We offer free, no-obligation wheel alignment checks for your vehicle. If any of the following statements true for you, your wheels may need aligning:

  • My steering wheel is not straight
  • My tyres are wearing quickly and unevenly
  • My vehicle is pulling to one side while driving
  • My vehicle is wandering off the road

Contact us now on Tel.: 01924 582 476 to book your free alignment check at your earliest convenience.

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