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Is Something Causing Vibrations through Your Steering Wheel, Seat and/or Floor? Does your Whole Vehicle get the ‘Jitters’ at or above Certain Speeds? Chances are, these vibrations are caused by unbalanced wheels.

Express Auto Centre Wheel Balancing Darton can Help!

About Wheel Balance

A wheel or, to be more precise, a tyre is considered to be out of balance if a section of it is heavier than other sections. Although the majority of high quality tyres will typically hold their balance comparatively well, as they gradually wear down over time, even the best tyres’ balance will slowly change.

Occasionally, hitting a pothole or a bump in the road can also cause lead balancing weights attached to the wheels (even top quality, brand new tyres rarely come out of production perfectly balanced, so these weights are attached to ensure a smooth ride) to fall off.

Effects of Unbalanced Tyres

An imbalance of just a single ounce on a front tyre is capable of causing the steering wheel to vibrate noticeably at around 60 mph (just under 97 km/h). An imbalance in the front wheels is typically indicated by vibration in the steering wheel, while an unbalanced rear tyre is more likely to cause vibrations to be felt through the seat of a vehicle. Either way, an unbalanced wheel can affect both the safety and handling of your vehicle. Here are some of the risks of driving with out-of-balance wheels:

  • Vibration reduces drive comfort
  • Detrimental effect on vehicle handling
  • Severe strains and stresses on suspension components and wheel bearings
  • Steering components may be damaged (in extreme cases, all parts may prematurely fail)
  • Premature wearing of steering and suspension components, tyres and rotating parts
  • Increase in fuel consumption

In short, ignoring symptoms of unbalanced wheels can be both expensive and dangerous.

Express Auto Centre Wheel Balancing Darton

Using the latest in digital wheel balancing technology, our team here at Express Auto Centre can quickly determine which one of your tyres is out of balance and balance your wheel perfectly to ensure you can enjoy a safe, comfortable ride and safe you money in the long run.

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